Wednesday 11:00 am & 7:00 pm

Wednesday 11:00 am & 7:00 pm


 Wednesdays at BSA, is discipleship for the entire family. Our groups are smaller than our Sunday gatherings, but we do this intentionally so that we can foster better relationships and dive deeper into the Bible. We use classrooms to create a closer atmosphere and learn from Scripture as a community.



A Study in Revelation

Revelations can be a complicated book  at first glance, when in reality it stands as a final hope to all disciples of Jesus.  This class will be a great opportunity to gain insight into the book of Revelations. We will be going through each chapter in detail, exploring the symbolism and meaning behind the text. By the end of the course, you will have a better understanding of the book's place in the Bible and its spiritual significance.  

Wednesday night Classes | 7 pm



Financial Peace

You talk to your friends about kids, your new diet, and how crazy your boss is. But debt? Budgeting? That’s when things get weird. Not in an FPU class.
You can get real about what’s going on with your money because everyone’s made a mistake or two. (Or 10. Or 100. Who’s counting?) Only this time, you’ll make lasting changes because you’ll have a community at your back saying, “You’ve got this!”

Teachers: Ryan & Brooke Clark

Women's DiscipleShip Group

Everyone has a secret they're afraid to share. We pretend that everything's alright when we're actually struggling and barely holding on.  This class will help us see a better life God intended us to live.  A life in freedom!

Teacher: Cindy Cotterman

YA MIDweek

Join our Young Adults ages 18-25 as they learn about leadership principles and what it means to daily grow in your walk with the Lord.

Teacher: Stephen & Halie Jones

Men's Discipleship Group 

The culture we live in often shapes our beliefs and attitudes, whether we realize it or not. Even if we think we're immune to its influence, over time our guard can slip and we may start to accept untruths. Together, we will look at what the bible says and learn how to live it.

Teacher: Wesley Smith

Parenting Today's Issues

In 2023, parents encounter a myriad of challenges, many of which revolve around uncomfortable topics that can leave you feeling overwhelmed about how to address them. The objective of this class is to empower you with the necessary tools to guide your children more effectively in the complexities of today's modern world.

Teacher: Joey Francis

Starting Point

Are you looking for next steps at BSA. We recommend Starting Point! Specifically designed to help make new friends, learn about our church, and discover how you can be involved. This class begins on the first Wednesday of every month and consists of four sessions. Sign-up today to save yourself a seat!

Teacher: Daine Bean