Why join a group?

When you join a group, you will spend time socializing, learning, and praying together. Just what you need to combat a busy life.  Our groups have three categories. Each designed to help you and your family connect and grow.  Check them out:

Community Groups

These  groups are a major pillar in our church. We want everyone to be in a Community Group. They bring  authentic community and spiritual growth in a way that models the early church. 

Discipleship Groups

Our discipleship groups provide a safe place for people to explore faith.  And it's the best way to build a habit that connects with your growth plan.  We meet every Wednesday at 7:00 pm.

Activity Groups

Essentially, they are a variety of groups designed around seasons of life, hobbies, and gender. They can happen anytime and anywhere. No need to commit, you join in when you can.