Our Story

Pastor John And Mary Ann

Pastor john & Pastor Mary ann

Welcome to Blue Springs Assembly. We believe that this is a place where you can feel a sense of belonging and most importantly, encounter Jesus. Weekly, we have wonderful worship services with inspiring teachings and a welcoming community. We are excited to meet you and look forward to sharing this experience with you.

1962 - 1967
The beginning

Rev. Ed and Sandy Philips hold the first official service of what would become "First Assembly Of God" in a storefront at Hwy 40 &7. The couple see an initial attendance of 30. The new church is commissioned a home missions project by the Southern Missouri District, and funded with money to purchase a lot on Hwy 7 & Lakeview Drive. 
1962 - 1967, Picture #1
1962 - 1967, Picture #2
1962 - 1967, Picture #3

1967 - 1977

Rev. Don and Wanda Shoff arrive from Granada, Minnesota to assume the pastorate.  With a population of 6,799, Pastor Shoff sees Blue Springs as a community "with potential". All of the Shoff's play instruments and sing, providing the church with great gospel music.  An active board of deacons is established, and the church becomes a General Council church with the Assemblies of God.
1967 - 1977, Picture #1
1967 - 1977, Picture #2

1977 - 1990

Rev. David and Carol Comfort arrive from Kennett, Mo. Average church attendance reaches 150, outgrowing the original sanctuary. Construction on new sanctuary starts in 1984 and the 350-seat sanctuary is dedicated June 1st, 1986. Valued at 1 million, the sanctuary is built for only $252,850 thanks to all the donated labor.
1977 - 1990, Picture #1
1977 - 1990, Picture #2

1990 - 1996
Merging & Working

From 1990-1993 Rev Dan and Donna Swearengen are the pastors and under their leadership Blue Springs Assembly and Abundant Life Assembly merge to form one congregation at 901 NW 19th street: Blue Springs Assembly.  In June of 1993, Rev. Jeff Kelderman is officially elected to the senior pastor position. BSA continues their tradition of operating a food stand at the Fall Fun Fest and entering the parade. Their prize-winning floats bring recognition to the church. 
1990 - 1996, Picture #1
1990 - 1996, Picture #2

1997 - Present

Rev. John and Mary Ann Martz arrive from Shawano, WI to accept the pastorate at Blue Springs Assembly. The church actively supports missions not only monetarily, but by taking BSA members on missions trips to various destinations.

Youth mission trip to Reynosa, Mexico (July 2003)
Mission trip to Sri Lanka to work with kids at Samudra Srie Children's home (Jan 2004)
Missions trip to Lesotho, Africa to build a church (2011)
Youth mission trip to the Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico to build and hold evangelistic services (2011)
Mission trip to  Bayamo, Cuba to build a church (Feb 2012)  

On December 7,2008 the first service is held in the new 700-seat Sanctuary, located at 2501 Duncan Road (present location). The church continues to thrive and grow and is a positive member of the Blue Springs community.
1997 - PRESENT, Picture #1

"Spirit Lead, Bible Believing, Prayer Driven"  

We look forward to what the Lord has in store for us in the future.
We have something for everyone, and we invite you to join us as we continue the journey that was started in 1962.