Introducing people to Jesus, together.

Growing followers of Christ

Sunday @ 10:00am Wed @ 11:00am & 7:00pm

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We are ready to meet you. 

 Your faith needs friends. We believe God has a plan for our lives and it starts with our decision to accept his grace and live within it every day. We are a community that is here to help you do that. 

We Care Deeply About Kids and Students

BSA deeply cares about kids and students because kids and students matter to God. We take seriously our responsibility to disciple the next generation because our God asks us to.


During the holiday season we take a break from the classroom and come together for fellowship, prayer, and worship.  We encourage everyone to be intentional during this season to seek God and prepare our hearts for what God is calling us to this new year.

Prayer and Fasting: January 15 - 20

Groups are in the offseason

 New Discipleship Groups are launching in February!



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